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Days Gone Horde Killer Marion Forks Horde

Horde in the cave below

Hello everybody.

The cave that this horde is in during the day is located at the corner of McKenzie Wagon Rd and Fitz loop Rd. Roads south of Marion Forks. To the west of the cave entrance there is a tractor trailer blocking the road, this is where the horde gathers at night. They can also be down by the creek that runs behind the pancake house restaurant.

I did this mission in the day when the horde was in their cave. On top of the hill behind the cave there is an access point through the roof. Throw an attractor to bring the horde near the opening and take them out. I used a combination of molotovs and my auto shotgun, I thought I had taken care of all of the Freakers but I didn’t get the Mission Complete notice so a search of the cave revealed one Freaker left, when he went down the mission completed. For the most part I think it’s better to catch the horde when they’re out of the cave, in this case it was easier to take them out in the cave. If you don’t get a mission complete in any of the hordes there’s usually one or two Freakers roaming around that have to be taken out.

This mission pays 2000XP, 1200credits, 1550 trust points, and the Horde Killer story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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