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Days Gone Horde Killer McLeod Ridge Horde

Taking Down A Swarmer At Close Range

Hello everybody.

The McLeod Ridge Horde is part of the Horde Killer story line. I discovered this horde when I was heading back to Diamond Lake Camp to restock.

The horde is just up the road from Diamond Lake, from the gate turn left and ride out to the main hwy the horde at night time should be on your left. This was the case when I rode by, I wanted to ride up the hill opposite and stage my attack from the big bush that was up there but when I got there I discovered a marauder camp and a hostage needing rescue. There was only a handful of marauders in this camp so they were quickly taken care of, with the hostage freed and sent on his way I returned to take on the horde. By the time I got back the horde was a little more spread out than what is ideal. I used an attractor but it didn’t attract the whole horde. With the group that was there I used one Napalm Molotov, one regular Molotov, and six grenades which left quite a few. I was just about to craft an attractor bomb when two Screamers walked past, the second one noticed me and that force me to flee. I ran all the way around to the marauder camp before I was able to take out the ones that were chasing. I returned to my original position and crafted a couple of attractor bombs, then a funny thing happened the bombs had no effect so I decided to shoot the rest but I was no longer able to shoulder my weapon. I tried with different weapons but none of them worked, so since I was in the middle of taking out this horde I started to take them out one by one with my melee weapon. After taking out about eight swarmers I was starting to get overwhelmed so I had to run away, when I did this I check my weapon and it was back to normal. With the Chicago Chopper back I went around and took out the stragglers. All of the swarmers were now down but I still didn’t get the mission complete so I went up the hill where the horde was when I first rode by to get a better view of the area below, sometimes there’s one smarmer roaming around that’s the last one in the horde. While I was up there I saw the tail end of the horde going to their day time location, there were seven left to take out and I had to go all the way to the top of the mountain to get the last one. After that there was a Breaker to deal with, it takes about two magazines to take one down. I no longer get XP but for the other stuff you’ll receive 3500 credits, 1100 camp trust points, and the Horde Killer story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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