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Days Gone Horde Killer Proxy Falls

Horde begging to gather around the attractor

Hello everybody.

Proxy Falls Horde is located in the Cascade Region AKA Mark Copeland territory. To get to the cliff that overlooks the area where the horde gathers at night turn onto the path that’s across from the Crazy Willies billboard where your bike was stolen at the beginning of the game , follow the path keeping right, eventually you’ll arrive at the same camp site that you went through when you were chasing Leon . There’s probably going to be a few Freakers there so take them out, quietly. Go across the partially broken bridge, when you get to a rail with blood on it hop over and you’ll be in the same area where you caught up with Leon. The horde gathers at the bottom of this cliff. If you don’t see the horde throw an attractor down, you might have to use more than one. If it’s night time it should attract the horde. I used the same strategy, attract and then Molotov’s, and then either grenades or pipe bombs. The Freakers down below will not be able to get to you but you do have to watch that Freakers that aren’t part of the horde come over the rail that you hopped over because the noise from Molotov’s and bombs will attract random Freakers. If you don’t get a mission complete there’s probably a few Freakers down at the bottom of the falls. This horde is worth 2000 XP, 550 credits, 1600 trust points and the Horde Killer story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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