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Possible Horde Location

Hello everybody.

This horde is located in the Hwy 97 region southwest of Chemult College. There are three possible locations they’re either in their cave or two locations southeast near the water. It was day time when I did this mission so I checked the cave first. There is a fairly big bush to the left of the cave entrance that provides good cover, that’s where I staged my attack. I started with an attractor to see if they were in the cave, when they came out I threw an attractor bomb after that four grenades and that brought the horde numbers down to just a few to where I could shoot the rest. All together I used 1 attractor, 1 attractor bomb, and 4 grenades.

This mission pays 4000XP, 1700 credits, 1650 in camp trust points, and the Horde Killer story line will be updated,

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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