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Days Gone Horde Killer Sherman’s Camp

The Horde on fire

Hello everybody.

This mission is part of the Horde Killer story line and takes place in Sherman’s Camp in Lost Lake.

First of all if you are trying kill this horde and you can’t find it in Sherman’s Camp then it’s probably because you haven’t completed the You Twisted My Arm mission with Boozer, the horde will only be there after this mission.

Travel to Sherman’s Camp and enter it at the gas station end the one off of Roberts Bridge Rd and park your bike at that end of the camp somewhere. The horde is in the Level 2 building, across the road is a clothes store that has a ladder in the back that will get you onto the roof. There’s a med kit and a Molotov on the HVAC unit, there is a section of brick wall and the store sign that provide good cover. It was snowing on the day I made this video but you can just see the horde inside the Level 2 building. I used 6 Molotov cocktails and 3 pipe bombs, after all that I still had 1 Freaker to take out. The horde didn’t know I was up there so this is one of the easier hordes to Kill, it pays 3000XP, 1900 credits, 600 point gain in camp trust, and the Horde Killer story line will be updated.

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