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Days Gone Horde Killer White King Mine Horde

The horde on their way back to the cave

Hello everybody.

White King Mine is located in the northern section of the Cascade region, northeast of the tunnel that goes to Marion Forks. There is a dirt road on the right of the tunnel entrance that leads to the mine area. When the horde comes out at night they’ll travel down the road from the mine and take the left after the bridge which leads to a mass grave on the train tracks. They could also be gathered on the shore of the small creek by the bridge.

I did this mission at night so there were a lot of Freakers roaming around, in the process of clearing them I noticed the horde leaving the cave. I followed them down to the tracks and waited till they were on the their way back and launched my attack from the bushes beside the road. I ended up using 6 molotovs and 2 pipe bombs. I didn’t try to take them out from anywhere else but I think this location is one of the best.

This horde pays 2000XP, 550 credits, 1600 trust points, and the Horde Killer story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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