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Days Gone Horse Creek Ambush Camp

Being shot at as I dove for cover

Hello everybody.

This is an optional mission to clear the ambush camp located southeast of the logging camp on the other side of the rail bridge. Carefully cross the bridge and make sure there aren’t any Freakers roaming around in the make shift camp at the end of the rail. There is loot spread around the camp and a Nero box with injector inside.

Follow the path up on the right and crawl under the barbed wire log, as you’re walking through the hanging corpses the last one will grab you and you’ll have to press which ever key is displayed, on the other side is the camp with 14 marauders.

The camp is laid out over 3 levels with the top level on the left and the lowest level on the right. There are plenty of rocks and bushes to keep you concealed. I tried to use my crossbow for the ranged shots that I took, it’s virtually silent and shouldn’t give away your position. The right side is a good place to start there’s a big bush to hide in, even when they know something is up they still can’t pin point your location. There’s usually a couple of marauders and sometimes a Freaker on the lower level. One of the marauders will be using a sniper riffle so you could use that if you wanted although it probably has limited ammo. I took out 8 of the marauders from the right side before I had to move. There’s another huge bush on the left side and from this position you’ll be able to take out 2 or 3 marauders. If you get surprised of spotted just run to the other side of the camp and find some bushes, once you’re out of their sight they shouldn’t be able find you and if they get close enough you should get the option to initiate a stealth attack. There isn’t as much cover at the back of the camp so I was only able to get 1 marauder from there before I had to run and hide. I took out the last 3 marauders from first elevated guard post on the left.

Now is a good time to go through the camp for loot. The entrance to the bunker is at the bottom of the electrical tower, inside you’ll find another map, the mission will be complete, you’ll earn some trust with Copeland, the Ambush Camp Hunter story line will be updated, and you’ll get some craft recipes.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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