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Days Gone Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint

The Hoard

Hello everybody.

Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint is located north of the O’ Leary safe house and slightly to the west, it’s also a hoard location. From the location of where I apprehended the drifter for Copeland I rode in the general direction of the onscreen marker and enter through the mass grave. The hoard will be either in the rail car, by the small lake northeast of the rail car, or in the mass grave area. When I arrived they were coming out to go to the mass grave and I didn’t want to deal with them at this early stage of the game so I avoided them.

At first it appears that there is no way onto the Nero Station roof but there’s a truck at the back to the station that can be pushed down the hill right up to the building. Before you enter the station the security system speakers have to be disabled, there’s 2 on the station roof and one on the gate house under the rail cars. In order to disable the gatehouse speaker the hoard has to be out of the rail car because they will become aware of you if they are in there. The generator will need gas, the closest gas can is by the front of the loco on some black boxes. Refuel the generator and power it up. Inside the station besides loot is a Nero injector.

Once you use the injector the mission will be 95% complete, because the hoard is still there, you’ll earn some trust with Copeland, and the Worlds End story line will be updated. There’s a bed there so you can take a nap and save there or return to your bike and safe there. In the day time the hoard returns to the rail car so that’s a good time to leave, there will only be a few stray Freakers . Before you hit the road again gas up your bike, tow trucks have gas cans and there’s one just outside the west entrance.

There is some IPCA tech here that I missed on the video it’s located directly across the road from the Nero building. When I’m on the roof walking toward the road you can see a sand bag area on a rock cliff, it’s also to the right of the rail car. When I went back to get it the hoard was in the rail cars so I parked my bike close, sneaked up to the sand bag area grabbed the IPCA tech and escaped on my bike.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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