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Days Gone Hot Springs Encampment

Ada Tucker

Hello everybody.

In this video I took care of two objectives, the Nero Research Site and visiting the Hot Springs Encampment, I also dealt with 2 Anarchist Cairns. The Nero Research Site is due west of Hot Springs on Black Crater Rd. To get there leave Hot Springs and turn left onto Black Crater Rd., follow the road until you see a cop car on the right, the dirt road that leads to the jump is on the right just past the cop car. I drove past it so I could build up some speed and take a run at it. When I made the jump I was on the left side of the road, being in the middle of the road will give you a greater margin for error and do less damage to your bike. I tried to make this jump with the stock engine and boost but I was unable to make it across, so I bought the engine upgrade from Manny and with this engine plus boost at the last minute I made it across. It was night time when I went there so there was one Freaker that I had to deal with before heading up to the helicopter. The path that leads to the helicopter is on the right, there will be a ledge to climb and near the edge will be an Anarchist Cairn to topple. The helicopter is around to the left at the end of the path. The first thing you should see as you enter the crash site is the corpse of a scientist with a piece of IPCA tech, past that in the white case will be the Nero Injector, and on the crates to the right will be the micro recorder. This recording contains very bad foul language that I edited out of the video, so you might not want to listen to this one. Grab the gas can and head back to your bike. I followed the path on the left, as you’re facing the crash site, and jumped down from there, it seemed to be a pretty smooth landing.

Before I went to Tuckers camp I returned to cave entrance where the Nero Research site was, just to the right is another Anarchist Cairn, I would’ve got this when I was there before but it wasn’t until this video that I decided to start knocking these signs of anarchy over.

Tuckers camp is at the back of the town on the left, there’s a narrow paved path that leads to the gates. Once you enter your objective will be to find Tucker and Alkai, just follow the onscreen maker. Tucker and Alkai are in the middle of a conversation when you arrive. You’ll learn of Rippers in the area. After Alkai leaves Tucker will ask you about Leon, Deacon gives her Leon’s hat and is asked to ride with Tucker. Near the end of the ride Tucker mentions a young women that was seen in Marion Forks that she wants you to investigate. This is a mission that becomes available a little later in the game. When the ride ends you’ll climb out of the cart, Alkai will be in the building behind you on the level below. Talking to Alkai reveals that the Rippers are looking for you and Boozer and that there’s a price on your head. Now because your trust level with the camp is still zero the only things that you’ll be able to buy is a 22 repeater and a slightly better pistol.

When you’re done with Alkai return to your bike, it’s time to decide who you will give the stash to. I gave it to Tucker for the weapons and suppressors because my bike was ok for now with the upgraded engine. After you give the stash to Tucker the Price On Your Head mission will be complete, you’ll receive 4000 XP, Plus 10000 trust, 3000 credits, the Chasing Leon mission will be complete, and some custom skins for your bike will be unlocked. After all of that you should be at trust level 1 with Trucker so now other weapons and 2 of the 3 suppressors will be available for purchase.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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