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The Old Saw Mill

Hello everybody.

This mission is part of the Bounty Hunter story line and takes place at the Old Saw Mill which is southeast of Iron Mike’s Camp.

To get the mission started travel back to Iron Mike’s camp and talk to Rikki and she’ll give you all the details plus mark it on your map. The saw mill is located off the Santiam Hwy so riding south turn left onto Two Top Rd., this will take you over a bridge and bring you to the south side of the saw mill. Approach slowly and watch for Freakers. The first place to search is a wrecked bike by the tipped over gatehouse. Searching the bike will produce foot prints that lead you through a gap in the fence of the Nero Checkpoint. Inside there’s a Freaker corpse to search that produces more foot prints that lead to another Freaker corpse. Once you’ve search the second corpse Two Dogs will appear on the roof of one of the Nero trailers, he jumps down and goes through one of the buildings but you won’t see that. Keep to the right and go along the fence, wait by one of the stacks of lumber and Two Dogs will appear. Follow him and take him out while he’s tampering with the rail car. Use a silent weapon though because the building that’s beside you has Freakers in it. Collect the proof, return to Rikki and the mission will be complete, for this one you’ll get 4000XP, 1900 credits, 700 point gain in camp trust, and the Bounty Hunter story line will be update.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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