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Days Gone I Got A Job For You

Deacon and Skzzo

Hello everybody.

The mission I Got A Job For You is part of the Earning Our Keep story line. There are a total of 5 missions, when one ends the next one starts automatically. To get the mission started go to the front of the lodge. Skizzo tries to assign you to marsh duty but Rikki interrupts and, much to the disappointment of Skizzo, you end up going with her. She’ll take you to the back of the infirmary to show you that it runs on a generator. There hasn’t been power for 2 years so she wants you to go with her to look at the hydro dam. Deacon reluctantly agrees.

The dam

Meet Rikki at the gate, when you get there a short cut scene plays and when it ends the trip to the dam begins. They talk for most of the 5 missions so you get to know a bit of Rikki’s history. When you arrive at the dam another cut scene plays, when it ends the mission I Got A Job For You is completed and the misson It Couldn’t Be That Easy begins. Follow Rikki as she checks the dam, she’ll clear the intake but when that doesn’t fix the problem she wants to go to the lower level to check the turbine junction box. The gate to the lower level is locked so you give Rikki a boost and she climbs over the fence and unlocks it form the inside. When you get to the doorway to the electrical room a cut scene plays, when it ends the mission It Couldn’t Be That Easy is completed and the mission They Don’t Like visitors begins. There are 2 nests to be destroyed, Rikki will throw the Molotov and you shoot the Freakes as they come out. After the second nest is destroyed a cut scene plays showing Rikki turning the power on when it ends it’s time to go back up but before you do go around and collect all the loot.

Before you reach the main level a cut scene will play where Rikki has a talk with Deacon, after their talk they start for the bikes but realize that there are a group of Rippers who have arrived at the dam. When the cut scene ends the They Don’t Like Visitors mission ends and the mission That’s When I Knew begins. Before you do anything else make sure your health is at 100%. There are about 13 Rippers which include one sniper and one heavy gunner. At first there will be Rippers advancing from both sides so stay behind the big tank and take them out as they arrive. Once you take out the initial advance the Rippers will pull back. If you haven’t taken out the sniper yet now is the time before you move out. I use my crossbow almost like a sniper riffle with the knocked up skill you get either a one shot kill or two shots and with the heavy gunners three shots takes then down and you don’t need head shots. When the last Ripper goes down and you return to your bikes a cut scene will play and you find out that the Rippers were there to kill you. When the cut scene ends the mission That’s When I Knew is complete and the mission It’s A Long Story begins.

Return to Lost Lake

Just like the trip to the dam, the trip back will be the same with Deacon and Rikki talking the whole way. When get to just before the gas station in Lost Lake a cut scene will play showing the shorting out transformer. Deacon wants to leave it till tomorrow, Rikki agrees but wants to show Deacon something before returning to the camp. The cut scene ends and Rikki will lead you to the Old Saw Mill. As you arrive a cut scene plays showing the horde coming out of the mill. When the cut scene ends it’s finally time to return to the camp. When you get to the camp a last cut scene will play, when it’s over the mission will be complete.

These missions pay 6000XP, 250 credits, 400 point gain in camp trust, and the Earning Our Keep, Someone That I Used To Know, and the It’s All We Got story lines will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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