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Days Gone I Know Things Are Strange

A Breaker

Hello everybody.

The mission I Know Things Are Strange is part of the I’m Never Giving Up story line and takes place in the Crater Lake Visitor Centre which is southeast of Wizard Island overlooking Crater Lake.

There will be more or less Freakers depending what time you do this mission, when you arrive at the Visitor Centre stay at the top of the hill and look what’s going on in the parking lot below. If you need a new melee weapon there is on behind the car just before the entrance. There are 3 Breakers that stand between you and the centre. This is a good time to use your crossbow with residue bolts to get the Breakers fighting each other leaving only one for you to take out. Normally when you shoot someone with one of these bolts they eventually die but that didn’t seem to happen, not fast enough anyway, so I had to take it out. It takes a lot to take a Breaker down, I hit him with moltovs , grenades, pipe bombs, all the while when he had a residue bolt in him. Eventually he’ll go down and you can go explore the visitor centre.

There’s a collectible in the gift shop, Preserving The Beauty Of Crater Lake, and a historical marker, Crater Lake – “The Volcanic Lake” on the wall outside between the gift shop and the kitchen. The yeast is in the kitchen pantry and there’s a post card on the back left table. There’s also some various loot.

Pick up the yeast and return to Wizard Island. When you get to Sarah’s tent a cut scene will play when it over the mission will be complete. This one pays 7000XP, 350 credits, 1500 in camp trust points, and the I’m Never Giving Up story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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