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Days Gone I Need Your Help

Nero scientist examining a Freaker

Hello everybody.

The mission I Need Your Help is part of the I Remember story line and is unlocked after you complete the first few missions getting Boozer to the infirmary at Lost Lake. After you are done talking with Iron Mike you should have 2 missions available, Sherman’s Camp Is Crawling and the infestation at Sherman’s camp. When you leave to do one of these missions O’Brian will contact you on the radio, he tells you that he’s going to look for Sarah but wants you to do something for him and with this the mission is unlocked.

The first part of this mission is to meet O’Brian at the coordinates that he sends you, the meeting place is northwest of Iron Mikes and northeast of Rogue Camp. As you arrive at the meeting place night will turn into day and a cut scene will play showing the conversation between Deacon and O’Brian where he gives Deacon a GPS tracker that he wants attached to the Nero helicopter.

The second part is to follow the helicopter to the landing zone. After O’Brian gives you new coordinates the onscreen gps will show up and the helicopter will fly by, follow it until it lands. Ride all the way to your destination and Deacon will automatically get off his bike and you’ll be within 100 metres of the helicopter. Keep right and go to the shore of the lake where the big rocks are and follow them until you are at the rear of the helicopter. There will be one Nero Guard around the chopper, distract him with a rock and he’ll move out of the area, this will give you enough time to attach the GPS tracker and then hide in the bushes that are up ahead. Follow these bushes until you reach the walkway, wait til the guard walks past and cross to the the bushes on the other side. Now there will be a guard in front of you and the guard on the walkway behind, wait till the guard behind you walks down the walkway away from the house and move closer to the Nero scientist and hide in the bushes that are in front of the car just before the science team. Listen to their conversation after which you can return to your bike. There’s an open window directly behind you that will get you into the house, now you can just go out the front door and make your way back to your bike. When you get back onto your bike the mission will be complete, you’ll receive 4000XP and the I Remember story line will be updated. You’ll also discover the Berley Lake Ambush Camp, there may also be a radio message from Radio Free Oregon.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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