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Days Gone I Should Have Left Her

Deacon at the Abandoned Nero Refugee Camp

Hello everybody.

The mission He Never Came Back is part of the I Remember story line and must be completed before doing the No One Saw It Coming mission.

This mission takes place in the Abandoned Nero Refugee Camp. At the time when the mission is unlocked you’ll probably be somewhere on the Cascade side of the map so it’s a long ride and you ‘ll need to refuel along the way. From my location east of Copeland’s camp the route on the map goes through the tunnel at Little Bear Lake Nero Checkpoint and on to to refugee camp. You can either fuel up at the Nero Checkpoint of Crazy Willies.

The Refugee Camp.

When you arrive at the camp you’ll probably have to eliminate a few Freakers or Marauders before you can go up to Sarah’s memorial stone. Deacon will relate the story of Lisa when he gets to the stone. When he’s finished talking the mission will be complete. You’ll receive 2000XP and the I Remember story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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