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Days Gone I Tried To Hit That Once

Weaver and Deacon testing a napalm molotov

Hello everybody.

Here’s a mission in the Good Soldier story line, it’s unlocked right after the mission Afraid Of A Little Competition. Weaver will call and complain that Deacon is doing all of the runs for “that witch” and gives him the location of some polystyrene that he needs.

Your destination is southeast of Wizard Island on the southern edge of the map, if you are travelling from Wizard Island leave by the back gate and once you get up onto the highway ride east. The route will take you past the visitor centre and through the small passage in the rocks to Hwy 97 region. While I was doing this mission the onscreen marker was not showing, I think it was because I hadn’t discovered that area yet, anyway it made is slightly harder to find. Once you’re on the Hwy 97 side keep turning right until you come out onto a dirt road, ride to the top of the hill and make a left. From here you can see a farm ahead and a railway bridge to your right. Cross the highway onto the dirt road and through the creek to the other side. There’s a horde around the farm so just ride through and turn right past the railway crossing and instead of going right at the top of the hill go up to the highway and make a left. Go onto the dirt road that bypasses the tractor trailer that’s blocking the road. Once you are on the other side turn left and just past the police suv will be the area to search for polystyrene. I didn’t go that way but I should’ve because I rode right into the middle of Cryer Nests. You should take out the Cryer Nest first, that way you can search in relative peace. There are seven polystyrene to pick up, they are spread out from the trailer in the water up to the highway. Once you have the cups return to weaver, I went by the recommend route on the way back, although my maps skills leave something to be desired.

Back at Wizard Island when you get to Weavers tent a cut scene will start, Deacon and Weaver have a discussion about Sarah, when it’s over follow Weaver to the burn pile to test one of his napalm molotovs. When you get to the burn pile a cut scene starts. When he throws it on the burning pile there’s a small explosion as the napalm goes up in flames. Judging by their reaction I’d say it was a success. When the cut scene ends the mission will be complete, for this one you’ll get 7000XP, 350 credits, 550 in camp trust points, and the Good Soldier story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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