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Days Gone I Was Distracted and Why Am I Here

O’Brian and Deacon

Hello everybody.

There are 2 missions in this video, I Was Distracted and Why Am I Here?

I Was Distracted

This mission is started when Deacon sees Rikki showing Addy the controls on her bike, this reminds Deacon of teaching Sarah how to ride and a cut scene begins. The cut scene ends and a frustrated Addy storms off, Deacon realizes that Sarah had federal clearance so she should’ve been evacuated with all of the other Nero personnel, he calls O’Brian and asks him to find Sarah’s ID badge, with that the mission is complete. This one pays 3000XP, and the I Remember story line will be updated.

Why Am I Here ?

Moments after the first mission completes O’Brian calls, he says he has something to give to Deacon and provides coordinates where they can meet. The rendezvous location is in the Cascade region AKA Copeland territory. As soon as you enter the Cascade region you’ll see a blue car in front of a speed limit sign, turn right onto the dirt road and follow it down. Take a right at the second fork, this will bring you down to where the Nero helicopter has landed. As you approach a cut scene will begin, O’Brian gives Deacon Sarah’s ID badge, tells him about Crater Lake and the militia. The cut scene ends with O’Brian giving Deacon an ominous warning about the Freakers evolving and things are going to get worse. This one pays 3000XP, and the I Remember story line will be updated.

After this mission is complete the Riding Nomad Again mission is unlocked but if you have unfinished business in any of the camps or hordes to take out do them now, once you do the Riding Nomad Again you’ll move to a new area and won’t be able to come back till the end of the game.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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