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Days Gone I’ll Save Some For You ( The Sawmill Horde)

More Freakers Coming From The Mill Building

Hello everybody.

The mission I’ll Save You Some is part of the Race Against Time story line and takes place at the old saw mill, it’s unlocked after you complete the mission Keep Them Safe.

Before you attempt this mission I advise that you max out on all of the bombs, grenades, Molotov’s, Napalm Molotov’s, explosive bolts, incendiary bolts and then take a tour of the accessible parts of the map and max out on all of your medical supplies, and all of the crafting material to make more bombs and Molotov’s.

When you get close to the saw mill Deacon will say “This oughta be easy right? just gotta make sure I have enough, uh traps, ammo, Molotov’s and anything else I can carry”

I approached from the Saw Mill from the north and parked my bike at the entrance, to the left is a railroad tunnel that has some loot in it so if you need to top on on anything go there first. Back at the entrance a small out building will be in front of you with the mill building behind which offers the best views of the hordes but because there are so many windows for the horde to get onto the roof it makes it too hard to keep track of them all. Eventually when the horde gets down to a certain level they’ll become aware of your position and you’ll have to move or finish the horde off from where you are. The only reason I entered the mill was to set an explosive by the barrel by the roll up door, which you could also close, and to collect more loot. I chose to stage my attack from the other side of the yard on the roof of one of the bigger out buildings. On the way over to the other side I planted some remote and proximity bombs alone the rail cars that are beside where the horde is located and one beside the propane storage tank. At the back of the building that’s next to the propane storage tank is a stack of lumber that you can climb to get on the roof. This building has no windows so you can see where the horde comes on the roof and you’ll be less likely to be surprised from behind. I planted bombs along the eaves of the lower roof and one on the upper roof.

Taking out the hordes.

The view of the horde from this roof is limited at best, you can see the horde through a small gap in the rail cars and on the stairs when more of them come out of the mill building. I started with grenades because they seem to do the most damage. The grenades will just reach if you go to the edge of the upper roof to throw them. So from the edge of the roof throw a grenade and then immediately return to the other side of the peak where the horde won’t see you. After the first grenade some Freakers that are inside the mill building will come out but most of the first wave will be taken out by the bomb I planted earlier next to the explosive barrel .Wait for the horde to return and repeat the process with another grenade. After the second grenade more Freakers came out of the mill building to join the rest. The same thing happened with the third grenade, more Freakers from inside but this time I used explosive bolts and shot them as there were gathered on the stairs. I went back to grenades once my explosive bolts were exhausted. When my grenades were gone I started using pipe bombs, when the pipe bombs were all used up I switched to attractor bombs. I got a little careless and ventured too close to the proximity bomb that I put on the upper roof and set it off but luckily the horde didn’t notice. When the horde health bar gets below 1/4 they will become aware of your position, at least when I did it, and start advancing. When that happens switch to Napalm Molotov’s and blanket the area below as they come through the box car, I was supposed to detonate my remote bombs but in the heat of battle I forgot, however they went off when the attractor bomb that I threw down went off. The bombs on the lower roof were pretty effective, by the time any Freakers made it onto the roof their health bar was very low. I used my Chicago Chopper to start shooting them as they showed up on the roof, I emptied one magazine but by the time I reloaded they were on top of me. Besides not having any windows to worry about it’s very easy to get off the roof and retreat, there were less than 20 Freakers left once I hit the ground so if I had used more bombs I might’ve been able to finish them off on the roof. In the end I used 6 grenades, 5 explosive bolts, 6 pipe bombs, 5 attractor bombs, 6 Napalm Molotov’s, 6 proximity bombs, 3 proximity mines, 4 remote bombs, and 2 Chicago Chopper magazines.

When the last one is down a new objective will appear to fill the truck with creosote so go back to the gate, when you get there a cut scene will play as Boozer rolls in with the truck. When the cut scene ends the mission will be complete, this one pays an unknown to me amount of XP, 250 credits, 450 camp trust points, and the Race Against Time and Horde Killer story lines will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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