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Days Gone Infestation Exterminator Berley Lake Infestation

The first nest to go up in flames

Hello everybody.

The Berley Lake infestation is part of the Infestation Exterminator story line and takes place south of Iron Mike’s on the Santiam Hwy. There are 4 nest to burn 3 of them are near the end of the Hwy where it enters the Santiam tunnel and 1 of them is further off the Hwy.

Starting from my position near the Berley Lake Ambush camp ride north cross country until you reach the road, turn right and ride until you see a narrow dirt path on the left, this path will lead you past the house where the I Need Your Help mission took place and if you ride the driveway all the way to the Hwy you’ll see the first nest that’s further off the Hwy slightly to your right with a water fall behind it. I turned right before that so it doesn’t show on the video..

The First Nest.

For the first nest ride past the nest and park off the Hwy somewhere around the Slow Down sign. Run back and turn off the Hwy at the green Lost Lake, Camp Sherman, Tumalo sign. Run over the hill onto the snow covered road, you should see the nest building below, position yourself so that you have a shot into the doorway and let fly a bolt, and as soon as the bolt hits run away and hid in bushes. The new incendiary bolts work great, no longer do you have to get close.

The Second Nest

The second nest is in a cave off the Hwy on the left just past the military truck so run back to your bike and shot another bolt into the cave opening and again run away and hid in bushes. You might have to take out some of t he Freakers before moving on to the other nests. The incendiary bolt worked even from this distance.

The Third Nest.

The third nest is in the back of a cube van across from the cave with a Nero sign in front, once again an incendiary bolt is in order and again hide somewhere and reduce the Freakers until there’s just a few before moving on to the next nest.

The Fourth Nest.

The last nest is up by the Nero Checkpoint at the end of the Santiam Hwy. As you approach the checkpoint veer off to the left and park in front of the rock ledge. Get off your bike and climb the ledge as soon as you’re stopped and wait to see if any of the Freakers are going to climb up to where you are. Before you burn this last nest get rid of all of the Freakers roaming around the checkpoint. I had so many Freakers to take out I didn’t have any incendiary bolts left when the time came to burn the nest so I had to use a Molotov instead. The rock ledge beside the checkpoint was a good spot to defend from.

That’s it when the last nest is cleared the mission will be complete, you’ll receive 2000XP, 1900 credits and 350 in Iron Mike’s camp trust and the Infestation Exterminator story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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