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Days Gone Infestation Exterminator Chemult College

One Of The Easier Nests To Destroy

Hello everybody.

The Chemult College infestation is part of the Infestation Exterminator story line, there are 6 nests to destroy and half of the them are around the college grounds. I used incendiary bolts to destroy all of them.

I did this after taking out the horde so I returned to the Nero end of the college to start. The first one I destroyed was the one in the white building, I thought I was far enough away but after I destroyed the nest the Freakers from there and the surrounding area sniffed me out and I had to scramble out of my hiding spot and take them out.

The second one was in the cube van is the front parking lot. That one you can get from the hill by the bleachers, but don’t stick around too long because even up there the Freakers will find you.

The third one was in the building on the left, which is the bathroom facility, at the front of the football field. You’ll have to go far enough along the sidewalk to get an opening into the nest, almost to the cub van.

The remaining nest are all under bridges. The fourth and fifth are under the bridge on the highway to the east for the railroad, there’s one in the box car and one across from it.

The last nest is under the next bridge down the highway to the south. This one you can get from the area to the south of the east entrance into the parking lot. In the video I tried to get it from the cliff above but it wouldn’t work. I went into the game again I found that if you go down the hill from the exit a bit and to the right you’ll be at the right angle so your bolt will go into the nest. I went all the way around and ended up getting it from the hill on the left. I noticed a horde on the bridge just as I shot the last nest so I guess I was a bit lucky not to run into the them when I was going around the bridge.

Besides the XP that I can’t see anymore you’ll get 1700 credits, 1400 camp trust points, and the Infestation Exterminator story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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