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Days Gone Infestation Exterminator Marion Forks part 1

Nest about to go up in flames

Hello everybody.

The town of Marion Forks is northwest along the highway from the Marion Forks Nero Checkpoint. The town is divided by a river that runs through it, there are 5 Freaker nest in total to be destroyed 3 on the east side of town and 2 on the west side. In this video I destroy the 3 nests on the east side of town.

The first nest I destroyed was in the maintenance building. You have to get pretty close in order to land the Molotov in the nest. If the building is free of Freakers you could take the direct approach and throw your Molotov into the nest through the roll up door on the left. I like to throw the Molotov through the man door that’s in the middle of the building. If you stand behind the yellow tractor you can only see part of the nest but it’s enough to land the Molotov on and set it ablaze. Doing it from this side also gives you more time to run and hide.

Before I went onto the next nest I went through the white 2 story house to the left of the maintenance building where the first nest was. There are some hay bales on the west side of the house that allow you to climb up onto the porch roof and through the window into the locked room, this room has 1 proximity bomb, 1 proximity mine, 1 attractor bomb, a melee weapon, a firearm, med kit, ammo, and loot on the Freaker corpse. If you follow the porch roof around to the front you’ll find a bear trap below the upstairs window.

The second nest I destroyed was in the house next to the white 2 story. You can get at the nest from both sides, I like the east side where the nest is blocking the window, there are more bushes on this side to take cover in. It didn’t go exactly like I planned, when I ran away from the house I ran right into a Freaker that was in the bushes but I was able to take him out without attracting any attention.

The third nest I destroyed was on the second floor of the Marion Family Grocery store. The second story window on the east is the best place to ignite this nest. You could either do it from the road in front of the store or from the side. I had to do it from the side because there were Freakers in front.

With the nest’s destroyed I began taking out all of the Freakers, 1 to get back to my bike so I could save and 2 to go around and collect the loot more easily. This took just as long as it took to destroy the nests.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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