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Nest by the radio tower

Hello everybody.

In this mission there are 3 Freaker nests to destroy. The nest are spread out across the map around Hot Springs, the first one is in a cube van on the west end of the bridge near the entrance to Hot Springs on Black Crater Rd. Across the road and slightly to the east from the entrance to Hot Springs is Parkett Rd. there is a Rebel Rock Cave sign at the main road, down this road is the second nest, it’s the second building on your left. If you look north from this location you’ll see a radio tower on the side of the mountain, this is where the third and final nest is.

Since I was coming from the Bear Creek Ambush Camp I started with the nest at the radio tower. The number of Freakers roaming around will depend on what time of day you get there, it was still daytime when I arrived at this nest so there was only about 4. You have a good view of the nest door from the hill by the radio tower and that’s where I threw the Molotov from. There were about 4 Freakers that came running out of the nest.

In the process of eliminating them I wanted to distract them with rocks but what I threw was an attractor bomb, I thought it was a glitch but I have since learned that the key that I have bound for distractions , which for me is the number 6, will cycle through my distractions every time I press it, so I have to be able so see what Deacon is holding before I throw. This is not easy if you are hiding in bushes and to be sure it’s what I want I have to momentarily stand up and risk being discovered.

After the Freakers are eliminated collect the nest residue from the nest and if you are in need of loot there is some at the top of the radio tower as well as in the yard around the nest.

The next nest is the one on Parkett Rd down the hill from the radio tower. It was night time when I got to this nest so I parked my bike in the bushes to the north beside the camp site on the hill overlooking the nest. As I approached the nest I could see the horde coming behind it, any later I would’ve had to wait for them to pass. As soon as I was close enough I threw the Molotov and sprinted back to my bike. I took the high road that went around the lake and coasted into some bushes. I ended up on the north side of Black Crater Rd. There is a Nero Research Site inside Rebel Rock Cave which is located to the west of Parkett Rd. From my position in the bushes I just followed the rock wall around until I got to the cave. Inside you’ll fine the Nero injector,a micro recorder, some melee weapons and other loot.

The last nest is in the cube van on the bridge but it was still night time so I had to drive into town and hide. As I approached the bridge I could see there were a lot of Freakers so getting to the cube van was going to take a while. After taking out multiple Freakers I was finally close enough to the cube van to set it on fire. It probably would’ve been safer to run all the way to my bike because I was eventually sniffed out in the bushes that I hid in and had to run away and scramble to stay alive.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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