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Days Gone Infestation Exterminator Pioneer Cemetery part 1

Nest ignited

Hello everybody.

This is an optional objective to clear the Freaker nests around the Old Pioneer Cemetery. I was once again in the midst of Freakers only because I didn’t move my bike to a safe location at the end of the last video. Having said that the first part of the video is spent evading the Freakers while exiting the parking lot.

The first thing to do is to backtrack to the cave where you overheard the Nero scientist talking, on the way there’s a historical marker. Enter the cave on the left, when you come to a fork look left for light at the end of the tunnel and go that way. This will bring you to a Nero beacon and a Nero injector. Exit the cave and return to the road that leads up to the parking lot, the safest way to burn this nest is to throw the Molotov from here. Approach the nest and get close enough that the Molotov will land in the window and then run back down and make your way up and around the mountain to where you can see the nest and parking lot below. Again as a result of leaving my bike in the parking lot I had to clear every Freaker before I could get back to it. I used the standard strategy of distract and isolate to eliminate the Freakers. I took most of them out with stealth attacks but I was surprise once and seen by a couple of others and had to use my melee weapon. Inside the nest is an ammo crate and some nest residue that can be used in combination when crafting crossbow bolts.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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