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Days Gone Infestation Exterminator Pioneer Cemetery part 2

The in flames down below

Hello everybody.

This is the second nest I destroyed which is located just down the highway from the cemetery entrance to the southwest. I left the first nest and took the upper road past the second nest to the small river to read the historical marker. I backtracked on the road I came on keeping left until I reached the top of the first hill and parked my bike in the bushes. The ledge that I threw the Molotov from is on the south side of the road, the nest should be on your right down below. This location will give you plenty of time to run and hide once you light it on fire. When you throw the Molotov you have to aim it so you get the round indicator in the door, you’ll know you got it when smoke starts billowing and Freakers start running out. When that happens retreat to some bushes and wait to see how many Freakers followed you. As it turned out nobody came after me so I went down the road to look for loot in the burned out nest. The only loot that was in the nest was some nest residue that can be used in combination when crafting crossbow bolts.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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