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Days Gone Infestation Exterminator Rogue Camp

Gas Station with 2 Freaker Nests

Hello everybody

The infestation at Rogue Camp is part of the Infestation Exterminator story line and it’s located west of Iron Mike’s camp. I recommend doing this mission in the day time because there are fewer Freakers and with incendiary bolts.

I did this mission right after the Now You See It mission so starting from Iron Mike’s camp exit through the main gate, take the first dirt path on the left this will take you over to Salvation Springs Rd. Turn left and take the dirt path on the right just past the green Iron Butte Rch sign. Turn right at the cedar sapling, this leads to the first historical marker. Turn off the path before you get to the top because there might be marauders and or Freaakers. At the top is the historical marker, this one reads Metolius Lave Cave- ” Distillery Cave “. There’s a micro recorder in the cave and room at the top on the right that can be accessed by squeezing through the gap with a pick axe and pistol inside. Grab the gas can and return to your bike. Backtrack to the dirt path and turn right at the cedar sapling, this leads back to the hwy, turn right at the downed tree, this brings you over to Wahtum Rd. Follow this road but slow down when you reach Camp Pioneer there might be an ambush or hostage situation, in the video there were marauders holding a hostage.

The second historical marker is the second entrance to Camp Pioneer on a rock in front of the lodge, this one reads Camp Pioneer- ” The Grand Campsite “.

Return to Wahtum Rd. and turn right, this will bring you to Waldon Rd with the Peltro gas station on your right. Turn right and then left onto Buck Point Rd and park on the side up the road a little. There are 2 nests in the gas station and 1 in the transport trailer to the left. From the bushes across from the station you can see one nest in the gas station garage and the one in the trailer. I was supposed to take out all 3 nest here but I forgot the one upstairs in the gas station.

Next nest is in the green house to the right of the stream, From the bushes on the side of Buck Point Rd. you can see the window at the back of the house where the nest is, a bolt into the window and as soon as you see smoke you know you got it. Return to your bike and continue on Buck Point Rd., just past the yellow deer sign will be a dirt path on the right, this brings you over to Waldon Rd. before you get to the road park your bike across from the big rock on the left . On foot cross the dirt road and go onto the rock ledge, from here you can see the window in the white house below where the nest is. This one is so close that you don’t have to wait to see smoke you can get back on your bike and ride away. Ride down to Waldon Rd and turn left, turn into the rest stop on the right when you reach Salvation Springs Rd. From the parking lot of the rest stop you can see the light brown house with the nest in the first window on the right. This was a long shot and I didn’t see smoke and I thought I missed but I got it. The incendiary bolts are a game changer for sure. This should’ve been the last nest but I missed one at the gas station.

Back at the gas station I parked in the same spot on Buck Point Rd. the nest is in the upstairs window on the left. A bolt into the window and then ride to safety, you can’t hide too close because the Freakers will sniff you out.

That’s it I messed up the order but it might’ve turned out better that way since the Freakers from the first 2 nests were dispersed by the time I got back there.

You’ll receive 2000XP, 350 in Iron Mike’s Camp trust,1900 credits and the Infestation Exterminator story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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