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Incendiary bolt

Hello everybody.

This video has a bit of everything, Wolves, Cryer nests, Historical Markers, Hwy ambush, Cougar, A Bear, and finally the infestation. I start out by destroying some Cryer nests but before I got there I ran into some wolves.

The first historical site I visited was The Phantom Ship – “The Ghost On The Water”.

The second historical marker was Camp Adair – “The War Games”.

The third historical marker was Crater Lake – “The Native American Legend”.

The last historical marker was Crater Lake – “The Old Man Of The Lake”.

With the sight seeing out of the way it was time to focus on the infestation. I think it’s better to use incendiary bolts for these infestations in the Crater Lake region. You can see how far away I was from the first nest in the cube van when I destroyed wasn’t quite far enough because they ran all the way to my position.

The second nest is close to the cube van on the side of the bridge support, I couldn’t shoot this one from afar because of the hill so I had to shoot and run, strangely nobody found me.

The last nest is in a cave to the left of the bridge if you’re riding southeast. You can just see it from the east side of the bridge in between the dump truck and the pine trees. This one you can shoot from the Hwy and run for cover.

This mission pays 2000XP, 2650 credits, 550 camp trust points, and the Infestation Exterminator story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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