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Days Gone Iron Butte Pass Nero Checkpoint

A view of the checkpoint from the west side

Hello everybody.

This mission is part of the World’s End story line and it’s located southeast of Hot Springs and just up the highway west of Crazy Willies. I started in Hot Springs so to get to the checkpoint from here drive out to the main road which is Black Crater Rd., turn left and ride until you reach a bridge. Under the bridge on the east side is an anarchists cairn. The checkpoint is just down the road from here on the right. I took the dirt road on the left of Black Crater Rd. and rode past the checkpoint and parked in the bushes off the right side of the road.

There are about 10 Rippers in this checkpoint and I thought it would be better to approach the checkpoint from this side because you’re on the high ground and there’s more cover. I started with residue bolts using 4 in total, after the Rippers at the east gate had all killed each other I entered the checkpoint, of all of the Rippers I shot 2 the rest shot each other.


The IPCA Tech is in the trailer on the right at the back of the checkpoint.

Disabling The Security Alarm Speakers.

There are 7 speakers to disable, some on the Nero buildings, some at the gate houses, and one you’ll have to shoot that’s mounted on a light pole to the left of the back gate.

The generator

The gas can for the generator is on the east side of the checkpoint. To the left of the main entrance is a dirt road that leads to a doorway in the chain link fence, on the inside and to the left is the gas can next to a pile of corpses. After you fuel the generator you will also have to repair it before you can start it.

Nero Injector

There are 2 Nero buildings, the Nero injector is in the building on the right closest to the road. Besides the Nero injector there’s a micro recorder and a med kit. The other building just has some assorted loot.

Once you use the injector the mission will be complete. You’ll receive 1200 credits, gain 750 in Hot Springs camp trust, and the World’s End story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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