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Days Gone It’s A Rifle Not A Gun

Deacon and Mark looking at deer signs

Hello everybody.

This mission is part of the He’s My Brother story line and takes place southwest of Mark Copeland’s camp.

Following the onscreen indicator make your way to the road that runs on the other side of Peaceful lake across from the big bonfire, as you’re indicator gets down to 20 metres a cut scene will start, night turns into day and Mark is showing Deacon how to track deer. When the cut scene ends there will be an area to investigate marked by the magnifying glass symbol which reveals which way the buck went and deer tracks to follow. About half way there will be another area to examine, this time it’s deer scat. The trail ends on a bluff where you can see the buck below, take the rifle from Copeland and shoot the buck. Your shot doesn’t kill the buck and it runs away. Now it’s time to track the buck, make your way down to where the buck was and examine the area, this will reveal blood marks that will lead to the buck. All that’s left is to gut the buck. The mission ends back in Mark Copeland’s camp where he takes back his rifle and offers to buy any deer meat you bring in. You’ll receive 3000XP, 100 credits, gain 600 trust in Copeland’s Camp, and the He’s My Brother story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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