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Days Gone It’s Not Safe Here and Lot’s Of Sick People


Hello everybody.

This mission is unlocked after Deacon wakes up from his daydream at the end of the mission” Searching For Something”, he’ll contact Tucker and ask for more info about the survivor in Marion Forks. Tucker directs Deacon to the old pancake house in Marion Forks so that ‘s where this mission starts.

As you approach the pancake house a short cut scene will play showing Deacon pulling up to the big lumber jack, dismounting and thinking to himself that the creek would be a good place to start and the cut scene ends with Deacon standing at the top of the stairs leading down to the creek. As you start to descend the stairs the magnifying glass icon will become visible. When you search the area the survivors foot prints become visible, follow them up into the restaurant, they’ll lead to a window on the other side where she jumped out. When you jump out a big group of Rippers ride into town and your search for the survivor will have to be put on hold until they are eliminated.

Taking on the Rippers.

All together there are about 12 Rippers. There are about 5 Rippers in the east part of town around Masterson’s Bait & Tackle and the Old Wagon Hotel and 3 around the Marion Forks Book Store. When you get close to the survivors house 3 more Rippers ride in which make 4 around the blue house and the partially built house next to it on the left. I intended to take most of them out with stealth attacks but it didn’t work out that way because I wasn’t very successful when I tried to hide. I used residue bolts so they shot each other which left only 3 that I had to take out myself.

Getting into the house.

To get into the house go to the back left corner where there should be a ladder on the ground, interact with the ladder and Deacon will stand it up against the second floor balcony. The second floor balcony leads to a bedroom, as you exit the bedroom a cut scene will start showing Deacon opening the other bedroom door with Lisa hiding inside. Deacon eventually convinces Lisa to come with him to Hot Springs, when the cut scene ends Deacon and Lisa are on the way out and a new mission Lots Of Sick People has started. Instead of going outside go back into the house and go downstairs, there you’ll find a collectible, a note from Lisa’s mom, a med kit, and a melee weapon. There are also some sterile bandages in the upstairs bathroom and the hand railing at the top of the stairs.

Returning to your bike.

Now that Lisa has agreed to go to Hot Springs you’ll return to your bike with Lisa follow you. Once you leave Lisa’s house you’ll quickly realize that Marion Forks is now full of Freakers. I didn’t want to engage any of the Freakers so I went behind Lisa’s house and out to the main road. There were a couple of Freakers on both sides but I was able of sneak up north side of the road all the way to the pancake house.

Defeating the bear.

As you get close to your bike a big black bear appear from the east side of the restaurant heading right toward your bike. As the bear is chasing you run by an explosive barrel and when the bear is there shoot the barrel, I was only able to do this at the start of the fight, this first shot took about 1/3rd of his health. You can always run up onto the pancake house roof if you need a rest, there might be Newts so beware the first time you go up there. When you’re on the roof the bear will run behind the gas station and you’ll have to go back down to get him to come out. There are 2 explosive barrels, one by the cab in front of the gas station and one by the blue car behind the big lumber jack, there’s also a big propane storage tank by the gas station. If you can get the bear near them as he’s chasing you these 3 explosions would probably kill him or very close. I ended up using all of my ammo and 1 grenade to take this bad boy out. When the bear is neutralized and it’s clear to leave return to your bike, wait for Lisa to climb on and start heading to Hot Springs.

Marauders in the tunnel.

The game forces you to take the main road that goes through the tunnel to get to Hot Springs. About half way through you’ll run into marauders. You’ll have to ride to just before the ambulance that’s parked sideways in order not to get to far from Lisa. There are about 6 marauders hiding at first, I couldn’t see any of then and it wasn’t until I went past the ambulance that they came out and some of them had flash light on their guns so it’s was hard to see. Once you go past the ambulance you can retreat and use the ambulance as cover, they’ll eventually advance on you and when they do you can take them out without too much trouble.

Return to Hot Springs.

Once the marauders are cleared it’s just a matter of riding the rest of way to Hot Springs. On the way Deacon asks Lisa if any of her neighbours had any fire arms, she answers no that men came and took everything and she thinks it was the Deschutes County Militia. When Deacon asked if there were women and children with them she says she doesn’t but her friend Tommy Strickland would. He left with his dad to go to their fallout shelter but she doesn’t know where it is. I’m assuming that the location of this fallout shelter will be included in another mission.

You’ll get 4000XP for completing the mission, you’ll earn 250 credits and the trust that Hot Springs has in you will increase by 750, and the You’re Safe Now story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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