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Days Gone It’s On A Mission

Listening from the bushes

Hello everybody.

This mission is a part of the I Remember story line, it’s another one where you have to eavesdrop on a Nero scientist for O’Brian.

The rendezvous location is in the Lost lake area just south of the Old Saw Mill. I started just east of the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint so I had to ride out of Copeland territory, when I was almost out I ran across a citizen in distress which is always nice to add to the level of trust for the camp of your choice.

More than likely you’ll be approaching from the north so when you’re getting close you should see a Nero sign on your left, the dirt path will take you over a covered bridge with the destination just up ahead to your right. Once you reach it a cut scene will play, night turns to day and Deacon contacts O’Brian. When the cut scene ends a helicopter flies overhead and lands. If you run toward the landing zone right away you can beat the researcher and Nero security to the cave, once inside go to your right and around the centre pillar and hide in the bushes at the back. The scientist will first examine the area below your location and then come to the area above. If you stay close to the rock and about the middle of the bushes you should remain undetected. When the listening bar reaches full it’ll be time to exit the cave and return to your bike. If you follow the tunnel on the left side of the cave by the generator and lights you’ll be able to exit through the narrow opening at the end. When you reach your bike the mission will be complete. You’ll receive 4000 XP and the I Remember story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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