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Days Gone I’ve Had Better Days


Taylor took it upon himself to spy on a group of marauders but he wasn’t stealthy enough and got caught. The marauder camp where he is being held is in the Hwy 97 region southwest of Chemult Community College. It’s not hard to find when you have the destination marker to follow. When you get close to the camp a cut scene will start showing Taylor being interrogated. When it’s over Taylor is minus one ear and being held at the back of the camp inside one of the buildings. Your objective now is rescue Taylor, there are six marauders outside and one inside. When the marauders outside are down advance to where Taylor is being held, pick the lock, and take out the last marauder, when you rescue Taylor the mission will be complete. This one pays 7000XP, 350 credits, 1500 camp trust points, and the A Good Soldier story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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