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Days Gone I’ve Pulled Weeds Before

Sarah and Deacon

Hello everybody.

The mission I’ve Pulled Weeds Before is part of the I Remember story line and is unlocked after the mission Hear About A Ripper Camp, it takes place at the O’Leary safe house.


I returned to Copeland’s camp after the Ripper camp mission and while I was there I discovered a collectible on a small table beside Manny, this one is called ” Manny- Zen and the art of bike repair”.

The Safe House

Make your way back up the mountain to the safe house, when you get there Boozer on his feet not looking very good, after he staggers he returns to bed and Deacon heads outside to think about what to do. As he leans on the hand railing a cut scene will play showing Sarah and Deacon a few years prior walking and looking at plants near Hot Springs. The walk ends on Parkett Rd. by the shore where you’ll have to collect 3 lavender plants. The mission is complete as the cut scene ends. You’ll receive 2000XP, the I Remember story line will be updated and the next mission Give Me A Couple Of Days is unlocked.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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