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Days Gone Just Another Requisition plus 3 more

Deacon and Sarah at the Chemult Community College

Hello everybody.

This mission is made up of 4 smaller missions, they are as follows: Just another Requisition Form, Can I Ask You Something, So Many Of Them, and You Couldn’t Stop Shaking .These missions are part of I’m Never Giving Up story line, they are unlocked after you do the Bounty Hunter mission You Got The Wrong Guy, and they take place in the Chemult Community College.

Just Another Requisition Form

To start the mission go to Sarah’s tent, when you get there a cut scene will start, Deacon drops off a small black case and Sarah decides to go with Deacon on this mission. When the cut scene ends follow Sarah to her tent, when you get there another cut scene will play Sarah picks up a few things and leaves, Follow her to your bike. When you get to your bike a short cut scene plays as Deacon and Sarah get on the bike. When the cut scene ends the first mission ends and the next one starts.

Can I Ask You Something

This part is riding to the college, they talk most of the way there, mostly catching up on what happened but the real questing Deacon wants the answer to is what happened to his Mongrel’s ring. She tells him the Colonel confiscated it and melted it down, which doesn’t explain why Captain Kouri was wearing it. At this point that’s all we know but to me something doesn’t smell right. Anyway when you get to the college a cut scene will play, when it’s over this mission ends and the next one begins.

So Many Of Them

Follow Sarah to the gate, you’ll be prompted to give her a boost onto the top where she can push a box over for Deacon to climb up on. On the inside of the gate follow Sarah, they talk pretty much the whole time, eventually she finds a door that Deacon opens. There’s a book case that has to be pushed out of the way revealing double doors leading out but there are Freakers out there. After a short cut scene where Deacon comes up with a plan Deacon exits and Sarah stays inside. There’s about 7 Freakers to take out, there’s room to duck and weave as you’re doing so. When all of the Freakers are down it’s time to move on. Sarah finds another open window, after you give her a boost you’ll have to wait for her to drop another box, in the mean time you’ll have to deal with more Freakers, another 5 or 6, when the last one is down there will be a box for you to climb. Follow Sarah through the building and jump out the open window. Across the yard is another open window for Sarah to go through. After you give her a boost she soon runs into trouble and you’ll have to get into the open window. I went to the front of the truck to push it but I guess I was there too soon because there wasn’t a push icon there. So I ran around looking for something else all the while Sarah was in distress, so really there is no hurry to get up there. Eventually I went back the front of t he truck and low and behold the push icon was there. So push the truck in front of the window and climb up. Once you are up there you’ll have to find her, just go to the middle, turn right and walk toward the other end of the room and a cut scene will start. Deacon finds Sarah still pulling the trigger even though she was out of ammo, Deacon offers her a hand up but she brushes him off and the cut scene ends. You are now outside of the science building and have to find a way in, none of the doors will open so when you get around to the other side you’ll have to push a hummer next to the roof to climb up on. The higher section has a bunch of Newts so you can take them out from the lower section and not climb up like I did. There’s a broke sky light near the edge of the roof, that’s your way in. Once you’re inside the objective is to help Sarah find the centrifuge which will be through the door ahead next to the love seat. When you get close a cut scene will play, Deacon forces the door open to what remains of a mass suicide, Sarah grabs the centrifuge from the desk and they leave.You end up outside by the inner courtyard and discover that there are now Freakers and marauders between you and the college exit. The cut scene ends and this part of the mission ends.

You Couldn’t Stop Shaking

Advance to the stone half wall, you can see there are a handful of Freakers and marauders they will all have to be taken out. When the courtyard was clear more Freakers came, it might have been because I didn’t have a suppressor on my riffle, When the courtyard is clear head to the next area behind the wooden half wall to the left of the stairs, a few more marauders will show up, this time there’s a heavy gunner in the group, clear them out and move on. The next area is at the front of the college, a short cut scene plays where Deacon comes up with a plan for Sarah to throw smoke bombs to give Deacon some cover while he clears the front parking lot, the cut scene ends. Stay put at first and wait for the marauders to advance on your position, after the first few are down move to the bottom of the stairs, Sarah will throw a couple of smoke bombs, they were good at first but I advanced beyond theme too fast and ended up taking some damage and had to use a couple of med kits. When all of the marauders are down Sarah will go to your bike, this was a point of confusion because I thought I had cleared the parking lot but Sarah wasn’t moving, I went to my bike a couple of times but saw no one, I ran around the parking lot collecting most of the loot. When I went to my bike a third time I found the last marauder hiding behind a tree, when I took her out with my melee weapon a notice came up that I was leaving mission zone, so the last one was outside the mission zone, go figure. Sarah will radio that that was the last one, when you run back to her a short cut scene will play, Sarah asks Deacon if he’s alright, and Deacon says he can remember the first time Sarah shot a gun in the air she couldn’t stop shaking, Sarah replies “well a lot has change since then”. She looks horrible like maybe she has a drug and or alcohol problem. Not the same woman Deacon married. The cut scene ends and you return to your bike, on the way there Deacon asks Sarah “what happened to you” She gives him some excuses and says nothing “happened” to me to which Deacons says “yeah ok if you say so” When you get to the bike a cut scene will play, you start back for camp, you reappear back at camp, Sarah gets off and heads to her lab and the cut scene ends bringing the mission to an end. This one pays 10000XP, 350 credits, 700 camp trust points, and the I’m Never Giving Up story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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