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Days Gone Just Doing My Job

Entrance to the Anarchist base

Hello everybody.

The mission Just Doing My Job is part of the Marauder Camp Hunter story line and takes place in the Crater Lake region, it’s unlocked some time after you complete the You Can’t Be Replaced mission.

To get the mission started talk to Captain Kouri in the Diamond Lake Camp. He’ll give you the details about a patrol that was sent out to investigate a group of Anarchists but haven’t reported back, the patrol Commander Mitch Allen is a personnel friend of the Captain. The location of the camp will be marked on your map.

The camp is northeast of Wizard Island in the snowy part of the map. When you leave Diamond Lake Camp turn left and ride up to the highway, turn left again onto the highway and follow it all the way to the Nero Checkpoint. In the video I went across country and then came back to the highway but it’s easier if you stay on the highway. When you get to the Nero Checkpoint turn left and follow that road through the rocky passage to the other side. Once you get there you’ll be about 250m from the first area. when you search it produces foot prints. At this point I tried to follow the foot prints on my bike which I quickly lost the trail, the foot prints actually veer off to the left to the camp site. I just went blindly ahead and started investigating the cabin which had nothing to do with the mission, I saw the destination marker behind me and had to back track. The second area when searched produced more foot prints that once again I lost the trail, and if I were paying attention I would’ve noticed the destination across the river. This time because I missed the trail I had to deal with a Rager. When I finally got on the trail it lead across the river and the mine entrance just up the bank.

Going Through The Mine

In order to not raise the alarm I used an attractor to lure out the first Anarchist. Advance slowly into the mine and take out the Anarchists’ as you come to then, there is plenty of cover and you should be able to take them out without being noticed. Eventually you’ll get to the last two and Mitch Allen.

Escaping The Mine

As soon as Mitch leaves a new objective will appear, ESCAPE THE MINE, which I didn’t notice until I got hit by a Freaker. Run back the way you came and toward your destination marker, first go toward the red explosive barrel, to the left of that you can see light on the other side of the pillar, on the other side there’s another red barrel and a yellow light to the left of the pillar ahead, that’s where you want to go. Squeeze through the narrow opening to get to another part of the mine, keep running until you get to another narrow opening to squeeze through. Now you’ll be up on the staging that you went past on the way in, climb the ladders to get to the exit tunnel, once you get through the part where you have crawl there will be a few Freakers the rest of the way out. I ran all the way ignoring whatever loot there was, as soon as you’re back on surface the mission will be complete. This one pays 5000XP, 1700 credits, 2750 in camp trust points, and the Marauder Camp Hunter story line will be updated. Even when I had run all the way down to the road I could still hear the sound of the horde.

I have to learn to slow down, look at the map and not charge into things, it would save a lot of trouble. Trust your map.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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