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Days Gone Keeping Souvenirs

Derrick Kouri

Hello everybody.

The mission Keeping Souvenirs is part of the Bounty Hunter story line and takes place in the Mazama village which is in the lower left part of the map southwest of Wizard Island.

Keeping Souvenirs

Talk to Captain Kouri in Diamond lake camp to get the mission started, your objective is to go after Sergeant Lee Anderson who was about to be arrested when he killed a guard and took off. The location will be marked on your map after you talk to Derrick. From Diamond Lake ride south keeping the destination marker generally ahead of you. When you get to a gas station on your left, just past it will be a wooden bridge that leads to Mazama Village. Your map will indicate that there is an area in the village to search, start searching on foot to the right of where you parked. There will a couple of bodies and a Runner to search, searching the Runner will produce paw prints. Follow the paw prints which seem to end just before the green truck, keep walking in that direction and a magnifying glass symbol will appear over the wrecked bike. Searching the bike produces more paw prints, following these will bring you to the entrance to a cave. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to go in, wait there may be Runners. There a Nero Research Site and a historical marker at the mouth of the cave so this would be a good time for the Nero injector. The historical marker reads Mazama Falls -“The Silent Falls”.

Searching the cave.

When I went through the cave there was 8 Runners in total. There are two ledges you have to climb in order to enter the cave, go very slow and make sure there aren’t any Runners on the ledges. From the top ledge you can see into the middle of the cave, it just so happened that there was a Runner going by the opening. I shot it several times and took it out just as it crawl into the tunnel. You can enter the tunnel slowly, as soon as I was through the opening more Runners appeared. The best thing to do is retreat and fight them in the open, one chased me all the way to the entrance. Going back there was another one on the top ledge. Once I was reasonably sure there weren’t any more Runners in the area I went in. There’s a little area that you can crawl into in the center room, from the top ledge follow the tunnel left and then around to the right, keep close to the wall and you see a small opening, inside is a melee weapon and loot, you can also see into the last room, when I went there there was a Runner in the opening so one of the easy ones to take out. Back out into the center room follow the wall around to the right, you’ll go by an opening so look through and there might be a Runner you can take out. When you near the mouth of the last tunnel look for a Runner, there was on there when I went through. I tried to use proximity mines but the noise from deploying it attracted two Runners that were down the tunnel. I suppose I could’ve set the proximity mines further into the center room and then used an attractor to lure them out. As it turned out my mine did no damage and I had to take them both out almost dying in the process. The last room is down at the end of the tunnel , as I was squeezing through the crack I was surprised by one last Runner. The body of Anderson will be there so search it to get his arm band to return to Kouri.

Returning to Camp.

Now that you have the arm band all you have to do is return Diamond Lake Camp, which is easier said than done. As soon as you exit the cave you’ll notice a Rager roaming around, Deacon says to himself “maybe I can sneak around” but I think it will sniff you out and you’ll eventually have to deal with it. As I was heading back to my bike the Rager was right on my tail and I just managed to jump through a window into one of the cabins. With the Rager down you can now return to camp, the trouble might not be over yet though. Watch out for sniper ambushes on the way back, it wasn’t long before I ran into one luckily I survived. Back on the road the trip back to camp was uneventful. When you talk to Kouri the mission will be complete.

This Bounty Hunter mission pays 5000XP, 1700 credits, 2750 camp trust points, and the Bounty Hunter story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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