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Days Gone Kill Every One Of The Bastards

Taking out advancing militia

Hello everybody.

The mission Kill Every One Of These Bastards is one of three Militia camps that have to be cleared and they are all part of the Race Against Time story line.

This militia camp is located north of the Santium tunnel the second left off the hwy. This area is one of the area’s where you had to spy on the Nero helicopter earlier in the game, the militia recruits are gathered around the house across from the house in the Nero mission. I approached from the north and parked my bike by the bushes beside the hwy. There are nine militia stationed in this camp, I used a combination of residue and normal bolts, my side arm with suppressor, and my Chicago Chopper. Since it was night there were Freakers and Screamers present so it’s best to stay away from them, that’s part of the reason I moved to the other side of the road and re-positioned in bushes closer to the house. By that time there were only two left, I shot one of them with a residue bolt and waited, while they were battling it out I moved into bushes closer to the action. It wasn’t long before the residue guy was the only one left, usually they eventually go down from the residue poisoning . He was shooting at a screamer and wasn’t going down so I shot him but I wasn’t aware that the Screamer was right beside me and when the effects of her screaming wore off there were five Freakers to take out. In the process I broke my Superior Metal Axe melee weapon which is the best one in the game so that was a loss because I forgot to repair it.

When the camp is cleared the mission will be complete and you’ll earn 5000 XP , 2550 credits, 1150 in camp trust points, and the Race Against Time story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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