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Days Gone Makes No Difference To Them

Deacon At The Top Of The Radio Tower

Hello everybody.

The mission Make’s No Difference To Them is part of the Surviving Isn’t Living story line and if you’ve been doing these story line mission it will be the last.

The mission takes place in the Hwy 97 region and involves contacting Lost Lake Camp so you’ll have to travel to Applegate Peak Radio Tower which is where the Aspen Butte Ambush Camp was. There’s a couple of ways to get there, you could either follow the Hwy from Diamond Lake Camp and go through the tunnel, once you’re on the Hwy 97 side the radio tower will be the first dirt road on your right or from Wizard Island ride up to the hwy and turn right, follow this road until you get to an ambush camp on your left. There’s a path along the outside wall the leads to a tunnel that goes through the mountain which leads right into the camp where the tower is. When you get to the radio tower climb to the top and initiate the call. Once you do an automatic back and forth conversation will take place, when it’s over the mission will be complete. I can no longer see how much these missions are worth but for the other stuff you’ll receive 250 credits, 1000 camp trust points, the Surviving Isn’t Living story line will be complete, and custom skins will be unlocked.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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