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Days Gone Marauder Camp Hunter He’s Just A Kid

Snipers position on the high ground

Hello everybody.

The mission He’s Just A Kid is part of the Marauder Camp Hunter story line and it’s a mission that you get from Rikki at Iron Mike’s camp.

This marauder camp is located just northwest of Camp Pioneer. As you are approaching the camp be on the lookout for cables stretched across the road, sometimes there’s an ambush set up around the camp. Ride past the camp and park beside the main lodge, travel the rest of the way on foot. Head for the bridge at the back of the camp, the marauders will be held up to the right of the bridge. Sneak across the bridge and look for the sniper to your right. Take out the sniper and take over his position, watch out for the trip wire so you don’t raise the alarm. With sniper down there’s 7 marauders left to eliminate. As long as you remain undetected you should be able to take out the rest from the sniper position.

This mission pays 4000XP, 1900 credits, 700 trust points, and the Marauder Camp Hunter story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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