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Days Gone Marion Forks Nero Checkpoint

Nero building

Hello everybody.

The tunnel that leads to Marion Forks is just around the corner from the White King Mine or northwest along the highway from Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint. When I left the White King Mine it was at night when the hoard was out so when I made my escape I had to drive past the tunnel far enough that the hoard didn’t follow me, so before I could enter the tunnel I had to clear the few Freakers that were in the area.

As you enter the tunnel there will be a tractor trailer on your right with the trailer tipped on it’s side, be careful when you enter it to collect the loot because there might be marauders inside. There are 2 trucks that have to be moved to clear the way for your bike. The second truck is by some concrete barriers where there might be a couple of Freakers hiding. Near the end of the tunnel there is a military truck that has a sawed off shot gun in the box.

This checkpoint has 4 security alarm speakers that must be disabled, 2 on the Nero building and 1 each on the 2 gate houses. The generator has to be refuelled and the fuse panel needs new fuses as well. The fuses are in a trailer on the right as you came out of the tunnel. There is also an IPCA tech item on the corpse of a scientist that’s lying on the ground by the tipped over port-a-potty that’s across from the Nero building. It’s not shown on this video because I missed it so I include it in the next one. There seemed to be always one more Freaker as I was trying to get ready to enter the building.

Inside the Nero building besides the usual loot there’s a micro recorder and the Nero injector.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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