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Days Gone Moments Of Lucidity

Nero Helicopter

Hello everybody.

The mission Moments Of Lucidity is part of the I remember story line and takes place south of Rogue Camp off of Buck Point Rd. If your starting point is Lost Lake camp then you want to leave by the boardwalk exit on the west side of the camp. At the end of the boardwalk turn right and at the top of the hill turn left. When you get to Waldon Rd. go straight and take the detour around the washout. The next road on your left will be Buck point Rd. You can either take this road or go a little further and take the dirt road that I took on the video. As you approach the site a cut scene will play, night will turn into to day and Deacon contacts O’Brian on the radio. When the cut scene ends the Nero helicopter is in the process of landing. Start walking as soon as you can and then run and hide in the bushes in front of the helicopter. Wait till the scientist and 4 Nero security leave, there will still be one security on the other side of the helicopter but he won’t see you as you place the tracker. Go back to the bush and wait till he goes back behind the helicopter againg, when he does cross the road into the bushes and make your way up to the yellow house. When you get to the house hide in the bushes in front. When the listening bar is at about a third full the scientist will move to a house below. Follow them and when you can go around to the left until you reach the truck, push it against the house and climb onto the roof. You can listen to the rest of the conversation from here. When you are finished listening you can get off the roof the same way as you got on. Now you just have to return to your bike to finish the mission. This one pays 4000XP and updates the I remember and Finding Nero story lines.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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