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Days Gone Nero Checkpoint

Nero Building

Hello everybody.

This is the checkpoint that you drove past at the beginning of the game on your way to the safe house. I’m starting out from Copeland’s camp and because there isn’t a compass marker on the map I’m assuming that north is at the top. With that said Nero Checkpoint is northwest of Copeland’s, leaving through the back entrance and following the onscreen marker take the first path on your left, stay on this path until you reach a T and then go left, staying on this path should bring you to the main road with Nero station in front of you. Don’t go too close with your bike because the Freakers will hear you. There are 4 Freakers roaming around.

Quietly approach the main road and look for Freakers, once you’ve taken care of all of them go on the roof and disable the security alarm speakers, now when you restore the power you won’t attract any unwanted attention. The generator has to be refuelled and the easiest gas can to find is on the back of the tow truck up by the tunnel. Once the power is restored you can enter the building, besides the other loot there are bandages for Boozer, the first IPCA tech, and the first Nero injector that will permanently increase your health, stamina, or focus. There is a cot there that allows you to sleep and save your game so sleep until the next morning before you return to Boozer. Backtrack the way you came, stay on this path until you reach main road and go straight across, take the path in front of you. Follow this winding path up the mountain and you’ll eventually reach the safe house. When you give Boozer the bandages the mission ” Bugged The Hell Out” will be completed, you’ll earn some trust with Copeland and you’ve kept Boozer alive.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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