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Days Gone Nero Research Site Hwy 97

Nero Research Site Graffiti

Hello everybody.

Since I was already in the area I decided to investigate this Nero Research Site.

I was already on the Hwy 97 side of the map so it wasn’t far for me to go, but if you’re not and are coming from the Crater Lake side ride to the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway Nero Checkpoint and ride through the tunnel. On the other side you’ll reach a cross roads, take a right onto Santiam Hwy and then the dirt road on the left. Follow that down until you reach another dirt road and turn left, the entrance to the cave is a short distance on the left. You don’t have to worry about Freakers because this cave is empty except for a micro recorder and a Nero injector. This is one of if not the easiest Nero Research site to access.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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