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Days Gone Nero Research Site inside White King Mine

The hoard exiting the mine

Hello everybody.

The White King Mine is west of the Jefferson Rail Tunnel Ambush Camp and in the top left corner of the map in Mark Copeland’s territory. Since I started from the crashed helicopter area by Mark Copeland’s camp I had quite a distance to travel, on the way I visited one of the four historical markers, on this side of the map, and rescued an individual that was stranded in a car that was under attack by Freakers. If you are riding for an extended distance fuel up your bike when you have the chance, when I stopped at the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint I was almost down to half a tank. If you arrive at the White King Mine in the day time, like I did, the hoard will still be inside the mine and unless you plan on eliminating the hoard you’ll have to wait till night when they come out.

In the mean time if you look at your map you should see a couple of ” searchable areas ” one of which is on the river bank left of the east end of the bridge. Searching this area will eventually lead you to 2 deceased anglers. Searching this area yields misc. loot and some ammo. As you travel back to the mine be aware that there may be marauders waiting to ambush you.

If you have to wait for the hoard to exit the mine the bushes on the right of the mine entrance is a good place, the hoard won’t detect you as they exit. When the hoard is out and about enter the mine, collect whatever loot you require and make your way to the Nero beacon at the end where you’ll fine a med kit, micro recorder, and the Nero injector. Exit the mine and make your escape on your bike.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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