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Days Gone Nero Research site Redwood RV

Nitro boost to jump the gap

Hello everybody.

This Nero Research Site is located in the Iron Butte region west of the Redwood RV Park Ambush Camp. Once you get the map from the bunker in the previous mission the location will be marked.

When you are jumping the gap you have to get the timing right with the boost and at the last moment pull up on your handle bars. I basically aimed for the helicopter on the approached. It’s tricky to get it but you’ll get it.

On the other side to the right of the helicopter is a couple of ledges you can climb that lead to an area that overlooks the ambush camp, you could stage your attack from here but you’d have to make the jump the first time a risky move but possible, however I don’t recommend it. Behind the helicopter up in a shallow cave is the Nero Injector and the IPCA Tech. Before you leave go down to the edge where you landed, there’s some Nero Intel there next to the corpse in the yellow suit. To exit the site ride past the helicopter and jump off the cliff. That’s all there is to it , the only reward for this one is the Nero Injector, the IPCA Tech, and the Nero intel.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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