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Days Gone Nero Research site

Nero Injector

Hello everybody

This Nero Research Site is located northeast of Iron Mike’s Farm and it’s a very easy one to get to. Starting from Iron Mike’s Camp leave by the main gate head out to the main road, Santiam Rd. and turn left. Just after the substation there will be a small cliff on the side of the hill on the left where there is a historical marker, this on is The 45TH Parallel- ” The Halfway Point “.

Go back onto Santiam Rd. and follow it until you reach Roberts Bridge Rd. and turn right. Turn left at the wooden archway and follow the driveway until you’re past the farm house, then turn left and ride across the field toward the onscreen GPS. Eventually you’ll arrive at the research site that’s up on a small rock ledge.

That’s it there’s a micro recorder ( optional ) and the nero injector. At the time of this recording the cave was empty.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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