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Days Gone No Beginning And No End


Hello everybody.

The mission No Beginning And No End is part of the I Remember story line and takes place at the church in Marion Forks.

When you reach the destination a short cut scene will play showing the church doors open and lights on inside. There are 6 Rippers vandalizing the church, they can all be taken out from the outside from the steps. When you get to the last one a cut scene will play as Deacon remembers the wedding ceremony. The cut scene is interrupted when 5 squatters arrive. The first one to enter is a heavy gunner that can be taken out with 3 crossbow bolts but when I couldn’t take him out quickly I retreated to the outside and took them out from there. When the last one is down the cut scene continues and ends with Deacon torching the church. Completing this mission yields 3000XP and the story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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