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Days Gone No One Saw It Coming

Boozer not in his right mind

Hello everybody.

The mission No One Saw It Coming is the last mission in the Gear Up For The Ride story line and starts when you return to the O’Leary mountain safe house. As you go through the gates a cut scene will play bringing you to the bottom of the stairs. You’re objective at this point is to go upstairs and go to sleep, when you wake up a cut scene starts, Boozer is in a delusional state with shotgun out ready for whatever is coming up the stairs, he doesn’t even recognize Deacon so there’s a scuffle and the gun is discharged into the ceiling. It’s at this point the Deacon realizes that Boozer has blood poisoning and needs to be under a doctor’s care.

Travelling to Lost Lake.

The second part of this mission is to travel to a new part of the map, so from the safe house take the middle road as you drive down the mountain, staying on this road should lead you to Old Belknap Rd. Take a left, when you get to a bridge on the detour turn right and go over the bridge, at this point you could either go straight up the hill back onto Old Belknap Rd.,taking a left to end up at the Cascade Hwy or take a left after the bridge and end up on the Cascade Hwy. Either way when you get to the Hwy turn right and follow that until you get to a stop sign, turn right onto Santium Rd. and stay on this road until you see a bridge with a car and cube van on it, cross the bridge and take the first right onto Waldon Rd. and then a right onto the dirt road, at the bottom of the hill there will be a dirt road to your left and a faint trail that goes up the hill to the right of that, follow the on screen marker and it will bring you to the camping spot on the hill. A cut scene will start as you arrive, when it ends the mission will be complete and the story line Gear Up For The Ride will be complete. The next mission starts automatically but your bike is close so you can save at this point like I did.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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