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Days Gone No Starving Patriots

A desperate drifter

Hello everybody.

This contract becomes available during your first meeting with Mark Copeland. He wants you to clear the marauders that have set up an ambush camp at the Cascade Radio Tower. The location of this ambush camp is pretty much due west of the safe house on O’ Leary Mountain. As you exit the safe house yard take the road on the left, it’s all down hill so you can coast all the way, just aim for the onscreen marker but don’t get too close to the camp because the marauders will here you. If this happens they’ll start roaming around looking for you and you’ll have to keep track of everybody so it’s more likely that you’ll be surprised by a marauder. Having said that I stopped just before the creek and walked the rest of the way. The other thing to watch for are wolves so if you hear howling stop and look around there might be a wolf about to attack.

There are 10 marauders in this ambush camp, about 6 around the radio tower and 4 around the road on the outside. As you approach the camp you’ll see a burning barrel in a make shift shelter, inside there’s a weapon, ammo and a Molotov. There is plenty of cover around the outside of the tower so it’s pretty easy to get behind the first marauder that’s patrolling the entrance to the camp. From there I took out the 2 marauders in the garage, rocks were enough to distract both so I could move in and take them out, that was 3 down 7 to go.

Next I moved to the right side of the radio tower and started on the marauders there. Number 4 was straight forward I just had to wait for him to arrive at my position. Number 5 was on the other side and I had to use a rock to get him to come over, he didn’t come all the way and I was almost discovered. Instead of going back to where he was before he went and stood in front of the fire. It looked like I could take him out but when I was just about to strike he managed to get out a warning and luckily the marauder to my left didn’t see me. He eventually went down to the lookout on the right and was taken out, he was number 6.

When I moved to the other side I was surprised by a marauder and had to act quickly to shoot him, he was number 7, that leaves 3 on the inside around the tower. You can climb into the back of the military truck that went through the fence to get to the inside. As I was trying to determine their position I was discovered by number 8, we shot each other at the same time but I survived although I had to heal myself. From the roof of the maintenance building I could see the last 2 marauders around the base of the tower and with 2 shots they were down. This would be a good time to go around and collect all of the loot.

The onscreen marker will lead you to the generator that needs to be repaired, as soon as you flip the switch you are surprised by another drifter and a cut scene plays, when it’s over there’s a bunker entrance to be found. The entrance is in the maintenance building , when you go down and find the map in the room on the right, you’ll discover the Horse Lake Nero station, your story missions will be updated, you’ll find a spiked bat recipe, and you’ll earn some trust with Copeland.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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