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Days Gone Nose Down They Feed Ya

Deacon and Manny

Hello everybody.

The mission Nose Down They Feed Ya is part of the Protecting The Weak story line. After you complete the Keep Them Safe mission Mark Copeland will call with a job for you unlocking the mission Copeland’s Camp Had Been Attacked.

To get the mission started travel back to Copeland’s Camp. When you ride through the gates a cut scene will play, the wounded are being brought back into the camp, when Deacon asks “what’s going on” Copeland tells him the camp has been hit by squatters, he wants to get some men together and go after them. Deacon wants no part of it until he finds out that Manny has been kidnapped. The cut scene ends with Deacon riding out of the camp unlocking the mission.

The distance marker will bring you where Manny’s bike is by the Crazy Willies sign. Searching the bike show’s you what happen to Manny and reveals some foot prints. The foot prints will lead you under a log and through some hanging Freakers, when you get to the last Freaker press whatever key appears to put him down. After that there’s another log to crawl under, the foot prints have disappeared but going either way will lead you to the squatter camp. I went straight ahead to a small campsite with three or four Freakers, at the entrance there was a trip wire. In the camp there’s some loot and another area to search, when you search the chair more foot prints will appear. Follow them up the hill but watch out for the bear trap at the top, turn right and you should see the sniper in the tree, including him there are 12 squatters to take out. When they’re all down Deacon will say “That’s the last of them” and you can go free Manny. When you get close a cut scene will play showing Deacon cutting Manny loose. The cut scene ends with the arrival of a Rager. Stay where you are and shoot the Rager from there, it’ll take a little longer as he circles your position. When the Rager is down Manny will be ready to leave, you’ll have to keep him alive until he reaches his bike. There might be some Freakers or Reachers like when I went out or there might be nothing, just make sure you stay with Manny and take out whatever there is. When you reach the bikes a cut scene will start, when it’s over the mission will be complete. For this one you’ll receive some XP, I don’t know how much, 1050 credits, 3950 in camp trust points, and if you’ve been doing the Protecting The Weak mission this will complete the story line.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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