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Days Gone Not From Around Here and We’re Fighting A War

Riding into the Diamond Lake camp for the first time

Hello everybody.

The mission Not From Around Here begins after talking to the recruits that you rescued from the Rager. Recruit Russell invites you to the camp. Follow Russell to the Diamond Lake camp, when you get there a cut scene will start, after Russell briefs Captain Kouri the captain introduces himself to Deacon. When they shake hands Deacon notices his ring on the captains finger so all is not as it seems. After the introductions and Deacon’s request to join the camp the cut scene ends and the mission We’re Fighting A War begins. Walk with the captain as he gives you a tour of the camp, at the end of the tour a cut scene will play where Kouri gives Deacon some credits and tells him that he could recruit him but only the Colonel swears in new recruits and if he sticks around and gives a hand he’ll take him there himself, with that the cut scene ends.

Deacon is left standing in the camp thinking about the ring that Kouri has and concludes that Sarah must be there somewhere, another new recruit catches his eye and the mission We’re Fighting A War continues as you go to question him. When you get close a cut scene will start that shows their interaction, when it’s over there will be 3 areas to search for Sarah, a search of the first area only turns up a collectible this one is from Kouri – ” To Protect And Serve ” There’s no sign of Sarah in the second area either. When he doesn’t find Sarah in the last area he concludes that she is not there, he leaves the tent and that’s where I end the video.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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