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Days Gone Not Gonna Kill Anyone

Iron Mike and Skizzo

Hello everybody.

Entering Iron Mike’s camp for the first time will involve three missions on after the other.They are all part of the He’s My Brother story line. It starts with Not Gonna Kill Anyone, then No Place Else To Go and finishes with We’ve All Done Things.

When you start out from the campsite there will be 2 members from Iron Mike’s camp that came out to look when you arrived, having found nothing they decide to go back. Your objective is to get to the camp infirmary unseen, the path that the 2 guys are walking on leads into the camp, but there’s a lot of camp personnel at this entrance. I took the boardwalk to the left which brings you into the camp, there’s a watch tower on the right and a big tree on the left, when you get to the handrails get off the left side of the boardwalk and sneak in to the bushes on the edge of the road. From here you should see a guy in front of you, distract him to the left and move to the bushes on your right beside the big rock. From there you can move from bush to bush. You’ll eventually run out of bushes on the right side and have to cross the road to the left. At this point Iron Mike and Skizzo walk by , follow the bushes over to the other road. There should be a guy sitting on a cooler to your left, I didn’t want to risk being seen so I distracted him and crossed the road. From here there’s enough bushes to get you to back of the infirmary. There will be 2 guys on the back right corner, distract one and jump down and move to the bush that’s by the gas meter. From here there’s bushes all along the left side of the infirmary that will get you to the door and as long as there’s nobody in front you can pick the lock and enter. There’s a couple of collectibles inside one on the main floor and one upstairs. The cooler with antibiotics is to the right of the entrance on a bench by the window. When you pick up the cooler a cut scene will play, when it’s over the mission No Place Else To Go starts automatically so follow Rikki and she’ll give you a ride back to where Boozer is, on the way you learn that Lisa from Marion Forks has once again gone missing. At this point I still don’t know anything about the Strickland fallout shelter.

When you get to the campsite a cut scene will play, when it’s over follow Rikki with Boozer back to Iron Mikes camp. When you arrive another cut scene will play, when it’s over the mission We’ve All Done Things starts automatically. Follow Rikki up to the lodge, when you enter another cut scene will play when it’s over follow Mike down to the lake, when you get there the mission will be complete. You’ll receive a whopping 6000 XP, 250 credits, 1750 gain in Iron Mike’s camp, He’s My Brother story line will be updated, new custom skins for your bike will be unlocked. You also receive the Drifter Crossbow, this one has me somewhat confused because I’ve had this crossbow right from the start of the game.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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